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E-Cigarette Starter Kit

The Nicolites Electronic Rechargeable Cigarette Kit (Nicolites E-cig Rechargeable Starter Kit), is a convenient electronic cigarette kit which comprises of the latest technology in the electronic cigarette world. It is the best rechargeable starter kit at an affordable price and has everything you need to start your Nicolites experience.

E-Cigarette Starter Kit

E-Cigarette Disposables

Stand out in the crowd instead of standing out in the cold. Nicolites reinvents smoking for the 21st century with science, technology and fantastic flavours. You’ll never go back to ordinary cigarettes once you’ve tasted Nicolites’ e-cigarettes.

Nicolites disposable e-cigarettes

E-Cigarette Cartomisers

Nicolites provide premium e-cigarette cartomisers. They don’t come better than these and that’s not an empty boast! We didn't get this good by accident, we work continuously with taste developers across the world and only add a flavour when we’ve personally and extensively tested them for taste and satisfaction.

Nicolites disposable e-cigarettes Nicolites disposable e-cigarettes Nicolites disposable e-cigarettes
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  • I'm stunned. I never thought in a million years that an electronic cigarette could possibly be this good, but it really does taste fantastic. I'm very impressed and will certainly be buying more!
    -- Raymond Tanner --
  • Wish I'd heard about Nicolites sooner! I absolutely love my e-cigarettes, I take them everywhere with me now. All my friends have been so impressed with them that they've ordered their starter kits, so soon we'll all be smoking our e-cigs together!
    -- Jenny Manning --
  • What an incredible product. The taste, the feel, the quality, the design, all totally fantastic. I never thought I would see the day when I'd be smoking an electronic cigarette, but now I'm a believer! Nicolites forever!
    -- David Stables --
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